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  Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park

Shenzhen, the land which has created a modern oriental mythology, has been the focus of world attention with its eye-striking economic miracle. Through nearly two decades¡¯ painstaking development, Shenzhen has begun to take shape of a modern international metropolis rising in the east of the world.


In September, 1996, with the approval of the State Science and Technology Commission, Shenzhen Municipal People¡¯s Government decided to set up Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park (SHIP), exercising the ¡°management system of one-park for several estates¡±, including the existing Shenzhen Science and Technology Industrial Park, China Science and Technology Development Council and Jingshan Nongovernmental Science and Technology Industrial Village.


SHIP takes the cultivation of the independent development capacity, the high-tech industries with own intellectual property and introduction of international big companies as the development orientation.


In this park, a large number of domestically well-known enterprises, such as the Great Wall, Huawei, Zhongxing, Kexing and Kangtai, etc., have built their agencies or bases, as well as many internationally famous enterprises, such as IBM, EPSON and OLYMPUS. These companies are playing an important role in the sectors of electronic information, bio-engineering, new materials, optical electromechanical integration, etc. as well as producing the products which take the lead in the times. In the Park, there have been a group of national grade scientific research institutions which are leading and have formed a development team consisting of a big group of talents with doctor¡¯s degree, master¡¯s degree or senior engineers.


Part 1   

Under the leadership of the Chinese Central Government and Guangdong Provincial Government as well as Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee & Shenzhen Municipal Government, with over 6 years' development Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park (SHIP) has become one of five state-level hi-tech industrial parks specially supported by the Chinese Central Government.


Introduction of Projects


Since its establishment, SHIP has absorbed investment of 29 billion RMB with Over 700 hi-tech items. With newly representative projects in 2001 being established in SHIP such as Alctel, Sumitomo, Samsung-Kejian and Oracle plus Huawei, ZTE, UTStarcom, Legend IBM-Hailiang and lots of enterprises, there has formed IT colony as mainstay in the Park..


Core Technology


The output of products with self-owned intellectual property has occupied over 50% of the total output in SHIP. Lots of products maintain plenty share of the Chinese and world market i.e. computers of CGC, cell-type switchboards of Huawei and ZTE, network systems of Powerise and Liming, manufacturing instruments of ITO glasses by HIVAC, heparin sodium of Hepalink and alb interferon of Neptunus, Kexing. SHIP gathers lots of enterprises with own core technology such as high-level IC design center of Shenzhen State Microelectronics, the software R&D centers of Kingdee, Clou & Oaking. Kexing, Photon and other many enterprises have been awarded as an Industrialization Base of 863 Project by the Ministry of Science and Technology.


Economic Index


In 2001 the industrial output of SHIP realized 63 billion RMB increasing by 38% over 2000 and the hi-tech output valuing 60.2 billion RMB increasing by 34% over 2000, which is 6.3 and 9.5 times as of 1996.With 2.5 billions USD of exportation and 3.2 billion RMB of taxation increasing 26% over 2000 that is 17 and 9 times as of 1996, the hi-tech product output in SHIP accounted for 45% of the industrial output in Shenzhen which means that SHIP within its 0.6% land coverage of Shenzhen created 22% industrial output of Shenzhen.


Part 2


R&D System


Lots of enterprises have set up their own R&D centers in SHIP and quite some of enterprises' research funds exceed 10% of sales revenue. There are 5 enterprise Post Doctor working stations and 3 mobile Post Stations in SHIP. SHIP has established research and development system radiating to neighboring areas and extending to China and the world, which is oriented by the market, focused on the products, embodied the enterprises as the mainstay and supported by the universities, scientific research institutes. A colony of R&D centers combining the government, industry, education, research and fund has already taken shape within the Park.


43 famous Chinese & world membership universities and 18 universities as internet members have already joined the Virtual University Park, creating the "Win Win" pattern for Shenzhen and the universities. With 33 Shenzhen research institutes, the working base for the academicians of China Academy of Engineering and the operation of China Academy of Science, SHIP has initially served as bases for training high-level personnel. Academician Forum, Entrepreneur Forum and Expertise Forum on Weekends as well as introduction & incubation of the universities' research results have been forming sources of industrializing scientific research results. There are 38 related universities' research results being incubated in Virtual University Park Incubator. With over 160 undertakings Overseas Chinese Student High-Tech Venture Park offers the returned oversea Chinese talents a new field for venturing.


Venture Investment


Enterprises in SHIP have not only been strongly supported by the funds, investment setups & security bodies of the Chinese Central Government and Shenzhen Municipal Government, but also been greatly concerned by many venture capital firms such as IDG, Walden, Bahrain, H&Q Asia Pacific. VC firms have invested 2 billion RMB in more than 20 enterprises. KINGDEE and Techwayson in SHIP have had IPO in HongKong GEM. There are dozens of hi-tech enterprises in SHIP nominated for IPO in CHINA NASDAQ.


Part 3


International Cooperation


As the representative of a state hi-tech industrial park in PRC as well as a member of IASP, SHIP has been developing stable & long-term relationships with lots of members based on the mutual benefits. SHIP has internet interconnection agreements with science associations' websites of USA, Canada, Holland and other countries. SHIP has signed a scientific cooperation agreement with Mubarak City of Egypt. SHIP has also conducted cooperation with other domestic hi-tech industrial parks in Chengdu, Tianjin, Anshan, Lanzhou etc. In addition, the good geographical location of SHIP has also attracted many universities and enterprises from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao to respectively set up their hi-tech incubators, enterprises and R&D centers within the Park.


The Investment Promotion Environment


With Regulations for the High-tech Industrial Park of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in effect guarantees the construction and development in SHIP legally. SHIP is the first to establish the "three networks in one "broadband in hi-tech industrial parks in China, which the computers in SHIP can be online through 10M/100M. SHIP has been issued the IS09001 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO 14000 Environmental Management System Certificate and SA8000 Social Accountability Management System Certificate. In accordance with the spirit of "daring to venture, striving to innovate, tolerating failure and pursuing success", human environment encouraging people to work with passion and taking human being as most essential has been created in SHIP.


Development Planning


The basic principle of SHIP will be centering on the Secondary Pioneering in next a few years, which strives for the construction of 2 colonies (of R&D and incubator), 3 ecosystems (of industrial, humanities and environment) and 4 systems (management, talents, financing and services). SHIP will be focus on the development of the priority industries, strengthening   computer science, network and telecommunication, IC, software, photoelectron, bio-engineering, new materials, optical IC etc, gradually forming the scale production and the matching industries in the Park, with the purpose of building SHIP into a regional high-tech base of R&D, incubation, industrialization, export, international economic cooperation and training of high-tech personnel. Coping with the new situation and facing the challenges, the goal of SHIP is to become the best one of its kind in China with international standards and make greater contributions to promotion national economy.

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